I help high-performers with addictive personalities, anxiety & depression to stop self-destructing and remain successful.

What I Do

Did you know it's possible to reprogram your mind for success in ALL areas of your life?

Not the usual 'mindset' way - or with affirmations...

Maybe there's a place for that.

But for most people, it doesn't work.

And it doesn't reprogram your mind for success.

I've got a programme that does this and so much more.

How it will work depends on you, as everyone is unique.

But you will be a much better version of yourself after our 12 weeks or months - take it at your own pace.

You will find yourself:

Harnessing your TRUE potential, without fear of outshining friends and family.Attracting what and who you'd like, into your world.Replacing self-sabotaging habits with life-enhancing ones.Creating the time-freedom you truly desire.Connecting deeply to the present moment.Living a more relaxed, more purposeful life.Finding hidden skills and abilities, knowledge and wisdom.Creating amazing results with minimal effort.
Realise, there will be obstacles to overcome and old habits to discard.

So if you want someone to flick a switch and 'fix' everything in 10 seconds - I'm sorry, this isn't for you.

Because I only work with leaders who are ambitious to achieve the results they desire...

So if you have the courage to make the big changes you need, to go deep within and actualise a much better way to live...

This IS for you.

If you get that you are a good fit for this, let's talk.


I am well known for facilitating amazing results because I have succeeded where many therapists and coaches have not.

And my clients know I only tolerate action. Before they booked, they knew not to expect a mild-mannered, limp-wristed approach to solve their problems.

Because of this, they achieved phenomenal results. Here are a few case studies, where you can read for yourself, the depths of their transformations.

Anonymous Client - Hidden and Perceived Childhood Traumas that resulted in a myriad of Addictive behaviours.

Joe - Complex PTSD

Nana - Complex PTSD & Extreme Flashbacks

Billy - Releasing Body Trauma

Abi - Relaxation & Inspiration


Enda introduced me to two versions of my future self. The one where I didn’t make the changes I needed to make and the one where I did. It was a powerful session and the impact was instant. - ANDY ALDERSON, CEO VANARAMAThis gave me a greater understanding of who i am. It gave me purpose, drive & insight. Thank you Enda for your gift! - BENJAMIN AARON DAVIS, MMA FIGHTER & COACHI have always avoided confrontation out of fear and Enda has helped me find my voice and speak out regarding intimate, personal and career issues. - PAUL JOHN KEARINS, MASTER CHOCOLATIERI have a lot of clarity. Because I don’t feel like I have the cloud of concepts and complexes vying for my attention, I feel free to get on and do the things that are life affirming for me. Decisions are easier and a new spontaneity is able to come through - enhancing my ability to creatively engage with life. - ANONYMOUS MUSIC INDUSTRY CLIENTReally helped me with my anxiety, instantly felt the anxiety leave my body, thank you so much I feel so much more focused & positive now. - CLAIRE SCANNELL, FULL-TIME MUMReally helped me to unravel bits in my psyche for which I doubt I would have ever seen or tackled - AKIM, REAL ESTATE BUSINESS OWNERI have never achieved the sort of mental state that I have now, and I had spent a long time and a lot of money trying. - KEVIN, PROFESSIONAL AUDIO VETERANLongterm, I'm less irritable, able to play and entertain my son with ease. Feel more grateful to be alive and healthy. Deal with difficult situations easily. All round nicer person. MARIE NOBLE, FULL-TIME MUMMy physical symptoms disappeared instantly and many positive changes occurred in the following weeks. - VAL MCNAMARA, CELTIC SPIRITUAL HEALERIn a Lucid Dream, I was able to identify an interesting intersection which I recall from time to time as a stress point identifier with the decision in my hands to pick path to solution. - SIMON STAPLETON, APPLE INC.What Enda also did for me during our session was to reconnect me with my spiritual guides. - G, OWNER, GINA.DESIGNAs a relatively new user to meditations/hypnotherapy I was absolutely amazed by the beautiful journey Enda brought me on. His creative use of words coupled with his caring and soothing voice opened new gateways in my mind leaving me relaxed, happier and with a more assured perspective on life. - BEN STAPLETON, MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL


I have struggled with depression for 20 years on and off, I also struggled over those to find a proper solution, I have tried counselling, CBT, Medication, support groups, none ever seemed to work. And I'd mostly hidden my depression, only a few close family members and friends were aware of it, at all. When I think back, I suppose I have probably always been one of those atypical people, where I'm always positive looking, like 'oh gosh, there's Kevin, he's always in good form' but inside, I was dying. Also, mental health issues were not as accepted some years ago as they are now, especially in most workplaces and by some individuals. Thankfully this is changing now but it is still very difficult to anticipate how these issues will be taken, adding to internal concerns.

Things had gotten much worse before Christmas 2019, very bad. A complete lack of energy, focus and motivation, crept into my mindset and I could not move past them. Suicidal thoughts became all pervasive with me working through scenarios of what process/outcome would be best/easiest/ less hassle for everyone. I began to convince myself that everyone (my family included) would be better off without me. All my waking and intermittent sleeping hours were consumed by these thoughts. I found myself stepping back from the “edge” so many times I could not function properly. My self-confidence, motivation self-worth – my “MOJO” had all disappeared.

I don’t really know how I pulled myself together to know I had to get some help. I initially approached my GP and I was able to confirm an appointment later that day, they seemed to understand the potentially dangerous mental state I was in. My GP was extremely understanding, and it was good to speak to someone. The solution was increasing medication and counselling and CBT, the medication immediately and counselling when a space was found. The NHS is an amazing organisation, but mental health services are under so much pressure it can take a long time to get seen by anyone. I really felt that any long wait may not be the best thing. I am still waiting as I write this 14 weeks later.

I contacted Enda because I knew him a little bit from business some years ago and I thought I had nothing to lose. But I was more than a little sceptical, having no previous experience of hypnotherapy and similar solutions. Despite knowing Enda, I was not at all sure if:

1: This will work?
2: Is this all nonsense?
3: If it works, will it have long term gains?

I can cut through all the waffle now and say that I never achieved the sort of mental state that I have now, and I had spent a long time and a lot of money trying. Enda said that I would 'probably feel quite a lot of relief from the first session”. Without a doubt, I can say it was immediately recognisable and immediately helpful, but then the follow up sessions really embedded it in there, they really enabled me to focus on all the positives, and to look forward, rather than looking back.

Each session of the five sessions used a different process, building up an ability to embed ways of dealing problems as they arise, recognising what is behind the negativity etc.

Lucid dreaming was a major part of what we did, and I found this to be especially helpful, exploring parts of my unconscious that I never knew existed. I was admittedly concerned that this was not possible but, WOW it worked. I found myself exploring feelings and places I did not think possible. Opening “doors of perception” without the need for medication or any other substances, healing myself with the incredible guidance of Enda. Repairing things, revisiting things, facing fears, and many other positive experiences. It was eye opening, mind opening and it seems, life changing.

Everyone’s lucid dreams are different. But these are examples of what mine was like, and this was just the first time:

Finding a sanctuary and the feeling of family ~ a nice, warm, soft feeling with sounds of laughter, music and birds.

Entering a silver forest with deer, birds, with a river running through it. Soft green grass, with the sun shining through the trees. Following the sound of a waterfall.

Standing under the waterfall in the silver forest - afterwards, felt more focused, cleaner, clearer, better, stronger.

Floating in a red place ~ saw a shelf with a glass on it. Drank it and felt energised. Floated higher into a blue sky.

Saw people below, happy people celebrating.

Saw a heavy iron gate. Felt there was a challenge in there, opened it and found there was nothing in there, after all. Closed and locked the gate and felt much better.

Struggled against the wind to cross a big wooden bridge to the side where there were green hills, flowers and sunshine.

Smelled the green grass when I was taking a breather, then walked and walked through the field, feeling energised and free.

These experiences were so vivid, like the green hills that went on forever, the silver woods with the waterfall that washed away my worries, they just automatically come to my mind and any current annoyances just go away.

Others were more specific to past experiences, and there were many incredible moments that helped me understand how amazing the subconscious mind can be.

And I have to be honest with you, everybody has noticed, especially my wife, that I've been far, far more of myself and far more alive, and certainly, I have felt no recurrences of any of my depression, even if I'm feeling a bit crap or down. I'm still able to recall everything that I did in the lucid dreams and I can bring myself into the places I had visited there, whenever I want.

The positivity that I have now is amazing, the sense that I can push back any depression. I feel much stronger and I have an innate ability now to just ignore any negativity, walk away and carry on. The whole experience was very mind-opening and it really showed me the power of your own subconscious mind and your own innate ability to heal, is there, when you're put in the right direction.

I am more than happy to recommend Enda to anyone. And also happy to chat about my experience. Enda can put you in contact if needed.


The impact of childhood trauma was still affecting my ability to perform and function despite being engaged in many different therapies or modalities for the best part of 15 years. I used alcohol and substances problematically to attempt to mitigate the symptoms of PTSD and got “sober” in my late 20’s. However, I turned back to using substances again a few years ago when therapy started to uncover some very painful truths. I wasn’t sure about how I felt about hypnosis, I feel like I was equal parts ignorant and skeptical. A part of me also believed that it would not work for ME, that I would somehow be resistant to it. This belief was quickly quashed after my first session with Enda. I brought all my skepticism and doubt into the first session and despite this, found that I was quickly in a deep state. I found the first session very powerful but each of the sessions since have been progressively more so. Yet I am somehow still always surprised after some major shift has happened during a session. I have experienced long standing and deeply rooted issues simply dissolve in front of me during a session. I have gone into sessions thinking that I want to address (or control ???? certain issues but found that the session guided me to a much deeper awareness and release.

I have also been surprised to discover that the sessions have helped with my meditation practice. I have held a consistent mediation practice for over 10 years. This practice was interrupted by my return to substance use but since returning to it, and coinciding with the start of my work with Enda, I have found that my approach to meditation is completely different. I feel like the process has helped me to let go of self-limiting concepts and ideas (without me being consciously aware of this process) that have helped me along the road to experiencing my true nature. It seemed as if the hypnosis was helping my meditation practice which then deepened the hypnosis sessions and so on. While it definitely helps, I don’t feel like meditation is necessary to experience the benefits of the clearing and reprogramming that can happen as a result of hypnosis. For instance, I would consider myself to be very high functioning externally but very poorly functioning inwardly. Meaning that life was exhausting. I carried around a tonne of concepts, beliefs and defences that literally weighed me down. And it was getting harder and harder to keep the show on the road. I really didn’t have the energy to turn up to life, preferring to go into avoidance instead.

What I have noticed since starting the hypnosis practice with Enda is that I am operating from a totally different perspective…...? …...mindset? …..consciousness? I am not sure of the word I want to use, but I have a lot of clarity. Because I don’t feel like I have the cloud of concepts and complexes vying for my attention, I feel free to get on and do the things that are life affirming for me. Decisions are easier and a new spontaneity is able to come through - enhancing my ability to creatively engage with life. Productivity and procrastination have always been a source of internal chaos for me. Now I feel like I am more laser focused on what I want to achieve and I have less of the story about why I can’t do it. I am able to be patient with myself when my humanness comes through. As a result, I feel like I am so much more able to engage with life in a highly effective way whilst simultaneously being deeply connected to that thing that is beyond my ability to perform. Boom!


If you met your future self, would you be apologising or would they be thanking you?

Well, I met my future self and the affect was as dramatic as Scrooge meeting the ghost of Christmas yet to come.

I have struggled to stick to my routine during lockdown.

Prior to Lockdown I was very disciplined. Up at 5, gym every day. Nutrition spot on, learning was planned in, no drinking on a school night, sleep could have been better but generally ok, everything important was scheduled and got done.

Like a lot of people Covid19 derailed me a bit, we’ve got loads of great work done, but I was so focused on that, that a lot of the other stuff went awry.

Before I knew it, I was feeling very jaded and in danger of burnout. I knew I had to take action or I’d have to make sacrifices later.

So I booked a session with Enda Quealy who I met via LinkedIn and booked a Zoom call with him.

During our time, he introduced me to two versions of my future self. The one where I didn’t make the changes I needed to make and the one where I did.

It was a powerful session and the impact was instant.

I woke up the next morning knowing I wasn’t going to make the wrong kind of sacrifice and I wasn’t going to apologise to anyone, and definitely not to my future self.


I’d never tried hypnosis before and I knew Enda was good at it.

This was an amazing introduction - an instant feeling of wellbeing. Like I had a layer of cool air all around my body.

Longterm, I'm less irritable, able to play and entertain my son with ease. Feel more grateful to be alive and healthy. Deal with difficult situations easily. All round nicer person.

For someone who doesn’t suffer with anxiety or past traumas, I would recommend this to anyone who is willing. Enda's voice is so soothing, you know that you can 100% trust him to take the lead.

He helped make me a better person and I will never forget the amount of time and effort he put in to providing these sessions.

I looked forward so much to Thursday evenings. A bit of time to myself and getting to know me in a way I never thought I would. Thanks so much, I’ll be forever grateful.

'Dreamscaping for Inspiration' was my favourite session. I had an unbelievable experience. Only ever had a feeling like this under the influence of LSD or DMT but with this there was no come-down. I only felt better than I’d ever felt before - amazing.

You can tell that Enda loves what he does so in turn you are able to put all of your trust into his hands/voice if you are willing to let yourself go...


I have been suffering with acute anxiety and depression for the past 13 years since the tragic passing of my brother.

Despite numerous counselling sessions over the years I had never been able to overcome the ‘battles’ that come on suddenly.

After 2 lengthy stays in a top Psychiatric hospital in Dublin I’ve learnt how to defend against these but this was not enough.

Having started to listen to Enda’s mediation recordings were the missing piece for me.

By being able to simply use a quiet meeting room at work or room at home I can tune out of my anxieties and give myself some much needed me time to relax and download any sadness I might be feeling.

These high quality and super professional recordings have and continue to help me daily by just allowing that time to disconnect.

Furthermore, Enda is kind enough to keep me updated of newer audio segments he has available.

I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for keeping me in mind always.


Working with Enda has brought enormous change in my interactions with others.

A lifelong worrier, I have become so much more calm and confident when dealing with difficult situations involving other people and their actions that affect me personally.

I have always avoided confrontation out of fear and Enda has helped me find my voice and speak out regarding intimate, personal and career issues.

I highly recommend Enda. Thank you!


Hi, Lawrence here, all the way from Dublin, Ireland.

I just wanted to give a quick testimonial to say how Enda has helped me so much with changing my whole life and business.

A little backstory about me: I went through a bad breakup about six years ago. And before that, anything I touched, turned to gold.

But since my breakup, I’ve had a serious blockage in my life, and the universe was not giving me what I wanted, or what I needed.

I turned to Enda to see if his hypnotherapy could help me unblock all the bad energy and I taken in, and fill my life with new light and new energy.

And after my first session, I straight away started seeing the changes in my life and businesses. I booked initially for five sessions and I’ve completed three sessions now, after four weeks.

And I’ve noted the changes tremendously. In the last month alone, I purchased a new Jeep. I put a deposit down on a house, with my girlfriend.

And the amount of inbound calls coming in for our businesses is just unbelievable. It’s just mind-blowing.
For things to turn around so quickly, is definitely down to Enda. Because he reset my mind, my spirit and my soul. And I’m convinced about that.

My return on investment has probably 20x or 30x the amount of what I invested into his program.

So if you’re a business owner, entrepreneur or a high-level executive, and you’re feeling the pressures from work or even from home, you need to do this program.

It’s going to completely change your life and reset everything for you. If it worked for me, it can definitely work for you as well, I’m convinced about that.

So don’t think about it. Just do it. And notice the changes yourself. Thanks.



If you'd like to know what a relaxing Mind Therapy session with me can be like, here is your chance to experience one for free...

Simply download this Mind Therapy Audio to your phone, tablet or computer and use it like a guided meditation, although you'll soon find it is much more valuable...

Because G.O.S.H. is full of positive hypnotic suggestions of self-healing, compounded time and again, to deeply set within the subconscious mind.

It is ideal for bedtime as it promotes an excellent night's sleep but it can be listened to, any time you'd like to release unhelpful emotions, self-heal and to refresh the mind and body.

G.O.S.H. will guide you into a deeply relaxed state, so your subconscious mind can make profoundly positive changes at the deepest levels.

Enjoy your 47-minutes of pure relaxation.


- Hypnotically beautiful meditation. I saw radiating colors and felt I was floating. A nice relief from chronic pain. Thank you.

- I find it I don’t have words for this one, it was amazing, and I will be doing it many more times.

- Very good for pain relief.

- I now listen to this every nite before drifting off to sleep. It’s like a soothing balm. Namaste

- I can’t believe how wonderful I feel after listening to this! The music is exquisite. Thank you!

- Felt some deep release happen with this meditation. Love it. Thank u

- Made it all the way through and came away feeling inoculated against all my critical thoughts. Thank you for this.

- Wow. Spectacular. I was fully present. My mind did not drift through unending thoughts. Engaging and healing. Thank you.

- Although a bit long, this is definitely one of the better processes I've used here (Insight Timer). Your voice is soothing & calming, allowing relaxation and process to work. Also a wonderful process - Thank you for sharing this with us!

- Very relaxing, slept through the night for the first time in ages, thank you!

- I'm speechless. What an amazing practice! I had almost no wandering thoughts at all! I feel focused, alert, energized and yet centered. My pool was deep and warm and so soothing. I will come back often. Thank you. Simply amazing meditation.

- Its wonderful and so very relaxing! My new favorite! Thank you!

- This is amazing and immensely calming!!! It's going to be my new bedtime favorite. THANK YOU! I am so grateful.

- Very relaxing and healing. It is a keeper. Thank you.

- Thank you this was a very powerful meditation. it was so easy to go with the flow of your voice and no distractions.

You'll also see G.O.S.H. on Insight Timer – just search for @enda.

It's had over 9000 listens and is rated at 98%.

Whatever way you listen to it, enjoy G.O.S.H.!



About Me

Hi, I'm Enda.

I help high-achievers who are successful in life and business, yet at the same time find themselves self-sabotaging in other areas.

Often, they experience addictive, compulsive, self-limiting behaviours, resulting in...

Talent and potential unrealised, due to constant self-sabotaging behaviour.
Time wasted obsessing about, seeking out and acting on addictions and self-destructive habits.
In extreme cases - regular blackouts, with only huge holes in the bank account to show for them.
Personal and professional relationships destroyed.
Serious illness and injury.
Debilitating anxiety and depression.
There is a solution. Because you can...

Erase the source programming of the anxiety and depression driving your self-destructive behaviour.
Completely remove the root of your dependencies.
Reset your mind so those addictive and compulsive behaviours are a thing of the past.
Form new, healthy patterns of behaviour, achieving total liberation.
Imagine what your life would be like, without those limitations.

Imagine the freedom you would have...

It’s all possible, because the results available here are no less than phenomenal.

I've dealt with clients who had tried many times before to resolve their self-sabotaging behaviour, anxiety, depression, PTSD, addictions and other, more subtle self-limiting habits.

And nothing they tried had worked or helped...

I told them I only work with leaders who take action, and to think carefully before booking in with me.

They stepped up to the plate and together, we achieved amazing results!

You can see their testimonials for yourself, on this site.

So, even if your subtle or not so subtle addictive, compulsive, obsessive behaviours are still running the show...

The solutions are here.

Accreditations and Associations

I use a blend of powerful, exciting and dynamic skills and tools to catalyse amazing results for my clients.

These skills and tools have been acquired from the top 1% of the UK's Hypnotists and the world's leading-edge coaches.

If you are interested in finding out how I can help you...

Send me a message and let's see if we are the right fit for each other.

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